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ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the Wedding Details Radio brought to you by Now here’s your host, Damien Allen.  DAMIEN: Good afternoon and welcome to Wedding Details Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the phone is Rachael Hahnfeld of Village East Cleaners located in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Good afternoon and welcome to the program, Rachel.
RACHAEL: Hi. Thank you so much for having me.
DAMIEN: It’s a pleasure to have you today. Now we know Las Vegas handles lots of destination weddings. It’s probably one of the most popular places to get married. What is the best piece of advice you could give a bride on how to transport her wedding gown to fabulous Las Vegas?
RACHAEL: Well what I find with our brides that do destination weddings like to do is to send me their wedding dress; some do UPS; some do Federal Express. They send it to me before they are going to actually get married so what I can do is have it here, steam it, have it already for them when they do arrive in town in Las Vegas. I deliver it to them to the hotel where they are staying or wherever they are getting married and then what I’ll also do, I’ll even pick it up, clean it and preserve it and send it back to their house. All they have to do is just pack it up and they send it to me.
DAMIEN: So when they are packing, what would be the best way to pack this gown?
RACHAEL: A lot of the places that the ladies go to the people there put bubble wrap. Some I have gotten with the little Styrofoam things and one, believe it or not, I got into a big size envelope. I still can’t figure out how she did that. So it doesn’t matter how it gets here just as long as you go to a place. Personally, I use Federal Express when I am going to ship the dress back to her after I clean it and preserve it. That’s who I use, but a lot of people use UPS. It doesn’t matter. I always tell them to put insurance on it. That never hurts anything.   That so much doesn’t matter, because what I am going to do when I get it I’m going to take it out and I am going to be steaming it or cleaning it or both. So however they want to get it here is fine.
DAMIEN: Now there is Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™. Can a Bride have them pack their gown for them? Is that something they should think about?
RACHAEL: Before they are getting married, no. All they need now that they have those great UPS stores, all you have to do is go in there and take your dress in there, or you could pack it yourself. They will pack it for you. It isn’t so much the packing before the wedding that is so important I don’t feel anyway. Again, they would maybe want to put insurance, because it is being delivered here. I have yet, and I have been doing this for years and years now, ever had a problem. I get the dress, I call the bride right away to let them know you don’t have to worry I do have your dress. When I get it after the wedding for the cleaning and the preservation that is where the key point comes in. That is where myself, that belongs to the wedding gown association that is going to give the bride the 100% guarantee against any kind of yellowing or browning for a lifetime. That’s when my packaging is a little bit more in detail and then when I’m done with the preservation part of it then I am going to call Federal Express and they come pick it up and then they deliver it to the bride. So it’s not so much before that they have to go to a wedding gown specialist, but it is afterwards where we come in.
DAMIEN: Some people are extremely paranoid about shipping anything with anybody. If they are one of those do-it-themselves people, are their tips or tricks for traveling say by car or by ship or by plane that they should know about?
RACHAEL: I always recommend the ladies to ship it to me, because here is the thing. With an airplane, if you’re going to take it on an airplane with you take it with you. I wouldn’t recommend checking it in. I’m sure brides do. I’m one of those that worst case scenario you hate to get off the plane and your luggage is in Tahiti and you meant to be in Las Vegas. So I say bring it on the plane with you. They used to have a place for men’s suits and everything, but I don’t think they have that any more on the planes to where they can hang them up, but again if they are going to come to bring it with them, they would being it to me and I would steam it and I would deliver it back to them. It doesn’t matter what day they come in, I can steam it. If not that day, the next day. Usually some of the brides come in like one to two days before their actual wedding. So I at least have a day. We do everything here on premises. Nothing is sent out at our company. So it’s nice we are a full service and we work 6 days a week so it doesn’t matter even if they are getting married on Saturday. I can steam it and get it to them. I believe just always keeping it on your person so you know you have your wedding dress.
DAMIEN: Now we have just gotten in town, we’ve traveled half way across the country, we’ve carried the dress with us, we’re going to drop it off at Village East, it has some wrinkles in it and stuff, what do we do now?
RACHAEL: That’s where I come in. You’re going to come into Village East Cleaners and we have two locations in town to serve you and what I am going to do is I am going to take it, and I like to always inspect it with the bride just to make sure to see what she wants with it, maybe she wants certain things; maybe she wants it steamed a certain way or something like that, and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to steam it for her so it’s ready for her when she is going down the isle regardless of where she is staying, I will offer to deliver it to her. Some brides they like it delivered, some they don’t want to leave it. I had one bride once stay here while I was steaming it, but what normally happens is they drop it off, I steam it, make sure it looks beautiful, and then I put it in one of our larger bags and then I deliver it. We have a couple vans; we have a route that we do so I would send it off with him, and he would come bring it to the bride wherever she is at. Usually at a hotel they have the concierge at the hotel so I drop it off there, or I take it to the bride herself, or wherever she is getting married. That’s what we do.
DAMIEN: Barring any major wrinkle problems, should a bride take the time to have the gone professionally pressed?
RACHAEL: I believe that they should. Now sometimes you can get a type of dress that doesn’t need to be necessarily steamed, but 99.9% of their wedding dresses need to be somewhat steamed before they are walking down the isle, because any time you are going to fold up or even hanging if you have it into a small confined place, like some of the bags that the bride’s buy their dresses in or maybe after they had it altered or anything like that, it just gets wrinkled. This way it is going to be fresh. What I actually like to do is let’s say the bride is getting married Saturday afternoon, and she would like it delivered Saturday morning; what I do is I actually press it that morning so it’s fresh and then I put it in a bag, and then what I tell the bride is as soon as they get the dress, take it out of the bag so it can breath and the brides love it.
DAMIEN: Now God forbid this happens, you’ve rubbed up against something with the dress on, maybe a small smudge or stain is then placed on the dress, is there a way to spot clean that dress?
RACHAEL: Some dresses you can ‘t. When certain dresses, depending on the fabrics when you have a stain, and if you try to just spot clean it, it will leave a ring. So sometimes we would have to clean that after we spotted it which I can do, because once again we are a full service, and we do everything six days a week so I can absolutely clean it so the stains can come out.
DAMIEN: It’s after the ceremony, it’s after the reception, we may or may not have changed in between the two. End of the night, end of the day, we are ready to go home, can we just pack that dress up and send it home?
RACHAEL: You can! You can just pack it and send it home or you can have myself come pick up the dress, clean it, preserve it, and then I’ll send it back to you. So by the time you are home if you are spending your honeymoon in Las Vegas maybe, but by the time you are home, I can have your dress home, or shortly afterwards. Usually I like to get at least 2 – 4 weeks I’m cleaning and preserving of a wedding gown, but I definitely, because you see what is going to happen is that one thing on a women’s wedding dress is the bottom of the dress. They are dancing, they are having a great time, maybe some wine, maybe some juice, maybe the cake falls on it and what happens is that if the bride just takes it off, puts away and just ships it back to her and doesn’t do anything, those stains sit and that takes a little bit harder for them to get out. And another thing I notice is that sometimes by the whirlwind of the day and that’s all they are thinking of so they don’t really think of cleaning if afterwards so there may be a year or two will go by before they event think about, oh my wedding dress, you know what I should have it cleaned. So I always recommend having it cleaned and preserved right after the wedding. What’s nice is that we will come pick it up. They can leave it at the front desk, they can drop it off, I’ll go meet them at the hotel to pick it up right after the wedding.
DAMIEN: Once the big event is done, what is the best way to store that wedding dress?
RACHAEL: Well once, and I’m going to assume that they are going to have it cleaned and preserved by me, so what I always recommend is that it is in a treasure chest. Everything that is in the box is part of the preservation. Once again we are the only one in the state of Nevada that can offer 100% guarantee against any kind of yellowing or browning of your wedding dress for a lifetime. That’s where the treasure chest and that’s like a box. It’s in a box, it has a window so you can see your wedding dress. I don’t recommend to the brides once they have it cleaned and preserved, don’t take it out. Some brides want to take it out every year and wear it on their anniversary. I always say that’s the one time that your dogs going to come in with muddy paws and want to jump on you.
RACHAEL: I just don’t recommend that. But there is a window you can look at it and see the wedding dress, and I put that when it is a destination, and I ‘m going to be sending it back to them, I put it in another box to ship it to you, and then I tell brides to store it standing up in your closet. I don’t recommend under your bed or on the floor, because floods happen, anything happens, so anything up and away from any kind of major catastrophe that can happen.
  DAMIEN: Besides wedding gowns, what are some of the other items Village East Cleaners preserves' and cleans?
RACHAEL: You know what, I have done graduation dresses. I’ve done christening gowns for little girls. What’s great is that a bride thinks that wow, I got married, I don’t know that I’m going to have kids, or will my kids even want to wear my wedding dress. The thing is with a wedding dress that there is so many things you can do with that wedding dress. I literally had a woman take her train of her wedding dress that she had preserved with us like 5 – 10 years ago, she had a baby and she made a christening dress and then brought the christening dress, and I preserved that. Anything that is special to anybody, because you and I know we hang things in a closet, something I haven’t worn. I’m a good one with that. I have stuff in my closet for years, and they have that yellow and see that’s why I say that to clean preserve your wedding dress so you don’t get that yellow, because that’s the one beautiful thing left of your day and why not take the time to preserve it and to preserve it properly and that’s where we come into play.
DAMIEN: Rachel how long has Village East Cleaners been in business and where is it located?
RACHAEL: Next year will be 30 years we’re in town. It’s my brother and I. My father started it 30 years ago. He came out here to retire and ended up buying a business a year later. My
mother said I had enough of you so you need to go do something so he opened up a dry cleaner and here we have been ever since. Our father passed about 20 years ago, and we have been running it. We have two locations in Las Vegas, 1760 West Horizon Ridge and that is in Henderson, Nevada, 89012, and then we have 11041 South Eastern and that is also in Henderson, Nevada, 89014.
DAMIEN: Could you kindly share the website and contact information if somebody has a question or would like to check out your services.
RACHAEL: You could Google Village East Cleaners, You could put in destination weddings, I mean it’s really easy for our name to come up, but yeah our website and our email address is so if anybody needs to get in touch with me. My telephone number here at this location is (702) 897-0098 and at our other location it is (702) 933-2110 and there the contact is Marilynn, here you could ask for me, Rachel.
DAMIEN: Thank you very much for speaking with us today, Rachel.
RACHAEL: Thank you very much for having me.
DAMIEN: It’s been a pleasure. We have been speaking with Rachael Hahnfeld of Village East Cleaners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we have been discussing destination weddings and preserving wedding gowns and taking care of it. You‘ve been listening to Wedding Details Radio.   My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.


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